Multimedia Audio and Video Design

Interactive Design

Audio, Video, Print, Gaming and Apps – Multimedia today means multiformat. Make sure your brand is accessible to your market by utilising the most effective media formats.

Manage Your own website, easily

Planning and strategy

Maximising returns from your marketing needs excellent planning and evaluation. Reach more people for less effort by fully understanding your customers and how to get your message to them.

Manage your social networks


Rest assured that your in good hands, using services from around the world to make sure your projects are available when needed.

Excellent Web Hosting Packages

Professional Presentation

From National Campaigns to Startups, Product launches and Long term awareness, We’ll make sure you stand out and in the right places too.

Complete Solutions

Automatic Solutions

Streams, audio & video, social networking – all synchronised to your site with automation as you like from ideas to production

Mobile application and game development

Content Management and Websites

A Website that you can manage yourself. From full e-commerce platforms to online profiling, forums, user submition sites, galleries, portfolios and more. You have the control to manage your project easily.

The Weidner

Daren Weidner, Dublin. HMS hoillistic shit stick indeed!!